I provide a whole range of services, which you can see below.
If you need some sort of custom solution, feel free to contact me so we can discuss it.

Here you will find one of the best prices on the market, for the best quality available.
Count on me and my team to fulfill all your needs.

Software & Games

If you have a software, game, or app that needs localization, we can do it for you. Top-notch quality to make your product connect with your client. We can do a one-time only thing, or something more continuous, so in every update, we will be there to assist you. You can send your file in whatever format, and we will deal with it.

Websites & Documents

If you need to translate a technical document, scientific articles, books, or something more cultural related, we are here to help. We have expertise in a great range of fields, including IT, Chemistry, Engineering, Games, Law, and many others. For something as simple as one-page websites to complex 300-pages manuals. Count on us.

Audio & Video

Looking to produce a voiceover in Portuguese? We can record whatever you need using native speakers and create audio files for videos, games, and apps. If you have a video, we can make captions, create subtitles, synchronize and proofread everything.

Testing Services

If what you need is some sort of proofreading, testing, and quality assurance, we can help. We will play your game; find UI/UX problems; fix grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors; change numbers, symbols, dates, and units when any inconsistency is found; improve cultural and geographical mistakes. Whatever you need, for how long you want us to do it.

Build & Fix Pipelines

We can deal with your data pipeline, creating databases, running import/export jobs, and orchestrating tasks. For now, we are more knowledgeable with Google Cloud Products but given enough time, we can deal with other services, like AWS, Azure, and similars.


If you need to do some boring manual task, why don't you explain that to us and we code a script to do that for you? Same (or even better) quality, for a one-time price item that you can use and reuse as much as you like. We can also create supervised and unsupervised machine learning models for your data that provide insights to your dashboards.


If you have a great amount of data and just doesn't know what to do with it, count on us to explore, analyze and build a great dashboard for you and your team. We will use specialized tools like Google Data Studio, or PowerBI, to build it and customize them to fit your company's style.