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Ewerton making cheese
Making cheese in the lab years ago

Hi, my name is Ewerton. I have 25 years old and I live in Brazil . My favorite hobby is to learn new things. I like to code, especially with Python, but I can make some Hello Worlds in C++, Java, Javascript, C, MATLAB, R... With StackOverflow and Indian youtubers, everything is possible.

I don't like front-end. To be honest, I spent almost a year trying to force myself to make this page. Dealing with logic at the back-end and managing data and servers in GCP is way nicer, but I still have a lot to learn. I like the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) methodology and I guess this page is an example.

I started to code when I was in college doing my Chemical Engineering classes. I had to spend two semesters learning MATLAB, and although it helped me grasp some concepts, it is the last language that I would use for anything, so... don't learn it, Python is better.

Ewerton making cheese
Making cheese in the lab years ago
Translation flyer
The flyer that I sent

My first professional experience happenned when I created my own company. I started to translate things from English, French, and Spanish to Portuguese. With the awesome help of Python, I created a scraper to get developers and companies' emails from Play Store and sent them my flyer - Oh, by the way, I'm good with Photoshop, it's an awesome tool that everyone should learn!

The business grew, I had a bunch of contracts and got some money. It's really nice to be paid in dollars. If you want some details, I've already translated about 160,000 words! Just for comparison, the New Testament has 184,600. In the end, you just need to be competent. Here is some testimonials from my clients:

  • "I did not know you'd give me so quickly. Thank you very much!" - Quick Turtle
  • "Thank you, Ewerton! It's really nice to work with you!" - Ray Spark
  • "Thanks for the quick work!" - Scott Goffman
  • "I appreciated your previous work translating Tallowmere 2!" - Chris McFarland
  • "Wow, you are really fast, thank you!" - Spotadvisor
  • "Hello Ewerton, thanks that was fast! It's perfect!" - GuyCorp Games

After that, I got a job as a Data Analyst from a company called BeGrowth. I had to extract reports from our ads that were running in Google and Facebook Ads, then merge them with some other reports to finally show the results to my former boss so he could change whatever needed to be changed. It was a cumbersome task to manually merge those files every day, so I created a Python script that did everything in 3 minutes - 57 minutes less, yay .

I started helping him manage those ads. It was a nice experience, I could grasp some concepts in Marketing, Google Tag Manager, Analytics, and some other tools, and helped them grow 10 times what they were investing.

After 6 months, I was promoted to Data Engineer. My first task was to make my script run on Cloud. I used a VM in GCP, running a Docker container that had an Airflow image, basically. I created scripts that, every hour, collected reports from Facebook, Google Ads, Google Ad Manager and Google Analytics, then moved them to partitioned tables inside Big Query - we used it as our Datalake and Datawarehouse. With the data gathered and stored, I started to make dashboards using Google Data Studio, but tried Power BI, as well.

In June, 2021, I started working for BlueShift. I'm in a team of 20 Data Engineers trying to learn everything that I didn't use till now. As you can see, I'm definitely a Junior, but I'm also an awesome dude that looks forward to the future.

1st certification :)

Thanks for reading! If you want, you can write me at: ewerton@ewerton.com.br

I want to...

Well, maybe you want to know what my goals are for the foreseeable future, so here it is: